Event Schedule

Cumberland Sat, February 14, 2015 Cumberland Cultural Centre 2674 Dunsmuir Avenue Cumberland, British Columbia V0R 1S0, Canada 10:00am – 6:00pm Vancouver Fri – Sun, February 20-22, 2015 Vancouver Art Gallery Plaza Feb 20 & 21: 11:00am ... Read More


The Lanterns of Three Little Sheep

Like their three pig friends who try to stay away from the wolf, the three little sheep are waiting to see what they can put on so the wolf will stay away! Since putting on new ... Read More


Canada’s Sheep Parade

The Lunar New Year is celebrated by many Asian cultures. In the past five years, LunarFest has successfully made this event a celebration for all. Beginning in 2009, kids in BC were invited to decorate their ... Read More


Sheep Love For All

Sheep is best known for being calm, dependable, creative, intelligent, artistic, and sincere. These are also great qualities of a good friend and the Year of Sheep is a great time to “sheep” love to the ... Read More


Dumpling Fest

Although not the most unique or delicate cuisine, dumplings do play a significant role in Asia festivals, such as Lunar New Year, and people’s daily life. In Vietnam, considered an indispensable dish of the Tết (Vietnamese ... Read More

Dumpling Competition-WEB

Dumpling Making Competition

No, we do not mean “the rapper” in music; LunarFest is looking for people who have good hands and can do wonders making dumplings. With any good dumplings, dough, stuffing and ingredients are important criteria to ... Read More

Meeting of Drums

Meeting of Drums

The drum is a must-have part of a percussion group and is also an important type of communication tool. Not only does it set the tempo in music, armies in the past used it to issue ... Read More

Fortune Telling-620x350

Fortune Telling

When Lunar New Year comes, every household will be paying respect to their gods in designated temples, praying for good fortune. Knowing what the year has in store for you is always popular form of activities ... Read More

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